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Finally! a run at altitude

Well not all that high really - 4000 feet, in the town of Moab, Utah.

But nevertheless, all of my running over the past year has been at around sea level. I don't know whether it was the altitude, the spasmodic nature of my runs over the last month, the eating and drinking while on holiday over the past month or the new low drop shoes that I bought here. - but the 30 minute run didn't feel to be one of my best. On to Denver today - but that is much higher and they are predicting snow tonight. I don't do running in the snow!!

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Hi Bazza, its probably a combination of those things, but at least you ran! Enjoy Denver and the rest of your hols x :-)


I've been to Utah. I've seen the arches national park from the air -incredible! It's some way to the west from you, but I recommend the walk (or run of course) through Bryce Canyon, UT. It's literally and figuratively breathtaking.


Ooh Denver, Colorado! I'm just reading the Shining!!!!

You've really run the world Baz. You can run on snow with those Yak Trax on your shoes. Mind you it might me snow shoes territory there as it's so deep. You might get some skiiing in!


Oh Bazza - snow is lovely! Where is your sense of adventure man?


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