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Time out for illness

I was 1 run off completing week 4 when I was struck down with a nasty cold. I've been unable to run for a whole week now and still don't feel like i have the energy to get those running shoes on. I'm hoping to get out again soon but should I complete a week 3 run to get me back on track. I'm really worried I've put myself back and will struggle to get back into it. Any advise would be gratefully received.

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Hope you are beginning to feel better. I am a newbie myself so not really able to give advice except I can share your frustration at being held back. I have only completed week 2 and have got an ankle injury ( I bashed it on the sofa -not running but I went running on it soon after) I missed a week and still can't see me running for a while until I can walk on it properly.i would make sure you feel properly better before you go out again. I hope it's not too long for you.the waiting seems to go on forever but I'm sure we will get there.


Thank you, I really hope I turn a corner so I can get those trainers on and start pounding the pavements again, never thought id get so into running! Bad news about your ankle, I hope it starts to feel better soon, it's so frustrating isn't it? We will get there soon I'm sure.


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