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W9 R1

After not being able to run for a week due to work and home life, I managed to get out this afternoon. After the warm up I completed 30 mins (& 3.62 km ). Only two more runs left before I graduate 😄😄😄.

I still find it hard to think that I can run for 30 mins all tho it's slow I know that will improve in time.

For anyone who is just starting you can do it, as I am proof that at any age , (I'm over 50 ) at the start it's hard trying to run for such a short amount of time, but by following the plan it is possible to get to the end and finish. Plus it's a good way to de-stress after a bad day.

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Fantastic - well done and great advice


I concur it is the best de stress I have ever done :) J


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