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To miss out w7r3 or not?

Dear readers,

For a number of reasons I detailed in the post I just drafted before my screen refreshed and lost it all I was intending on running w7r3 this morning.

I couldn't find my earphones when I woke up. Without the podcast I'm reluctant to run (I'm aware I could have put a timer on for 25 minutes) and am now in Birmingham , as-opposed-to Cardiff, with no running shoes this bank holiday weekend. I return to Cardiff on Monday. My housemate has said he will lend me a spare set of his (I think I might have left them at work).

Shall I, given my last 'wow' result, skip w7r3 and start w8 on Monday, push back graduation by two - three days by doing w7r3 on Monday, or push back graduation by a week by re-starting w7 on Monday.

I'm just not sure, so I would appreciate this learned community helping me to decide.

Thank you,


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I don't think I'd run in someone else's shoes. I'd leave it. Does it matter what date graduation run is? Have a nice weekend off and start again when you find your earphones and shoes is my advice!

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Thanks. I'm not too bothered about when I graduate, because I'm confident I will. I will still probably have a go at my local 5k parkrun next weekend in any case. I've decided I'll see how I am with w7r3 on Monday. As I've not run since Tuesday I will have had a week off. Depending how I find that I'll either do a 25 min run again on Wednesday or try the 28 minute if Monday goes well. Thank you for answering :)


Don't worry about a break of a few days. I had to interrupt my runs for almost 3 weeks at exactly that stage and it was no problem to continue after that. (And I am not particularly young and fit, believe me). W7r3 on Monday sounds good.


Don't worry about a few days gap, and please don't risk injury in someone else's shoes. Just do w7r3 next time.


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