Couch to 5K

Running outside

W6R2 complete and back in the open air for the second time. As I'm still buff less I even developed a technique for spotting approaching flies and exhaling forcefully to keep them out my mouth!. I don't think I'll be going back to the treadmill very much. Like everyone says, it's so much more interesting and somehow feels more like proper running. So for anyone doing this on a treadmill and worried about venturing outside, I'd say give it a go. Run 2 surprisingly tough but from what I read that is normal. Hopefully 25 mins on Monday will not beat me

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well done and welcome to the outside world :D apart from the flies such a wonderful time of year to run outside :D


I was always a treadmill runner until my partner decided to try this running programme. I started with him outside and would never go in the gym again! I had a similar problem with flies this morning but the sight of a couple of squirrels, a rabbit and the birds more than made up for it.

He gave up before Easter to concentrate on golf, but I now regularly run 30+ mins. The c25k is a really good program and Laura gets you through.

Happy running


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