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Getting it now

Finished week 4 at 730 this morning. A fair bit of street hugging with my friend as early morning train commuters passed us down the country lane. One of whom we let walk past us at the start in case he overtook us walking while we were runnjng !!! We got lots of welcome good mornings from other joggers and cyclists. Making us feel like one of the sporting gang. But any way the point of this post is to say. I can see wre all of this is going now as althougn the running time was up. for the first time i realised that i could of kept going with relative ease. So now understand how the programme is preparing me for what comes next. And how my body is almost waiting for it to happen. Though am still not convinced that i will be capable of that last one of week 5

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oh yes you will :) that is exactly how the program works :) almost everyone shudders at that run .. really don't sweat it , just take it as it comes, it Is just about running to complete the timed runs . slow and steady and then slower still if needs be :D

You will do just fine :D


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