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New garmin

I have now done 2 runs with my new Garmin and realise that I have been over estimating the distances I was running previously, although I have been running 30+ mins each time. My first run, which is my usual route, is only 4.6k and not 5.25k that I had worked out on map my run! it is a big difference. My longer run that I have done this morning was 5.25k and not 5.78k!!

I am very pleased with my new toy as it gives exact distances and times. It did tell me that I ran 5k in 32.32 mins.

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That's all right ☺you have your watch now so you won't have any doubts about such things. Enjoy yourself. Have fun 😊


Good time :) Glad you are enjoying your Garmin. I had a similar experience with map my run. I mapped out a route that was just over 6k that I was going to 'whizz' around before having friends for Sunday lunch. I got back 5 minutes before their arrival time after doing 8k!!!!! I spent the first 40 minutes stretching and sitting with ice on my knee.

I hope you carry on having lots of fun together :)


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