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Calf muscles STILL hurt after 3 weeks of rest!

I ran a 5k 3 weeks ago and I've tried resting my legs due to my calf muscles hurting. I tried yoga last week to try and see if stretching and working the muscle another way would help but that did not work. I bought my shoes from a running store where they evaluated my feet and how I walk. Why would my calves hurt this long?

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You don't give any info about the run or your prep for it, so it's hard to say why you still ache. What preparation or training did you do?


I just did the couch to 5k for training. I did a mile walk warm up and warm down. I stretched as well. I completed the run in 40 minutes.


This site has some useful info about recuperation times and exercises to help with calf injuries:


You could try a foam roller. They are supposed to be great for calves, although I guess it depends on whether the pain you have is coming from tight calves. Maybe check it your doctor or a physio. Good luck (I took a year to complete the C25K due to knee problems but now am fine so don;t let it put you off!).

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