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Still here!!

Hey everyone!

Just to let you all know I'm still going strong. Needed to repeat week 3 due to having a lot going on the week I would have done week 4. So I've just finished w4r2 and going really strong!!

But I just wondered has anyone else had the problem with the 5 min warm up take !!25!! Minutes!! Instead of a 30 min run I was out for 45 mins husband got worried and I ended up having to take a massive detour?? 😕

Thanks! X

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Well done HWG.

I assume you are using the app and that your 3g/4g reception was somehow lost for 20 minutes or so.


Really? I thought it was just a podcast so it wouldn't matter if I had 3G or not? X


If you are using the podcast then the warm up is around 5 minutes as usual and the total length of the MP3 is 34 minutes 20 seconds.

The c25k app is different and does need a mobile internet connect.


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