Couch to 5K


The best advice I have read on here for me has been "if you don't feel like going out, get your running gear on anyway and by the time you have done that you may as well do the stretches and then by that time you may as well do a warm up...then you are out there!"

That has certainly helped my get out of the door in week 4 - I was dreading it - but today, I could have kept going for longer for 5 minutes....I got into a really comfortable pace and did'nt want to stop! - Just one of those good days I guess?

I didn't do more than Laura said though - I really want to look after myself and won't risk injury - really love the post run stretches - they feel soooo good!!

Still not using music...but the sound of my run through my silent headphones is kinda trancey :P

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no music is infinitely preferable to Laura's podcast music.

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good advice then... and I'm with Rignold on the music.. it IS SH*T , enjoy the sound of silence

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I didnt do any of C25K with music, I downloaded the whole program as a block and the music never worked for me, and sounds as though I wasn't missing much anyway! I now enjoy running with music and miss it when my phone decides to crash as it seems to do quite often! :)


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