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Wk 6 r 2 and wk 6 r 3 back to back! How bonkers am I?!

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Didn't manage to run yday or all last week cos of various reasons - aching knee so let it rest, migraine attack, daughter now has chicken pox! (Son had it two weeks ago!) it rained and hail!

Anyway I managed to get up early this morning and guess what??!!

Just completed week 6 run 2 and week 6 run 3 back to back!!! Over an hour of run and walk... Total 15 min walk and 45 min run. Wowiee I never thought I'd get this far 7 weeks ago!!!

Feeling pretty awesome hah.... So pleased with myself... 5 miles in one hour 15 mins... Not bad cos in 2009 I can do 6 miles in 1 hour 9 mins.... So getting there slowly....

But it's good for me to see I can do it building up properly and not overdo it or give up... :-)

Nice to see that the next run I do will b wk 7 r 1 and from now on its all running for 25-30 mins. I am very ready for this now. Amazing how far I have come on this c25k programme!

Thanks for all ur encouragements - much appreciated and spurs me on even when I make excuses!

Hi 5 to y'all!

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That is probably not the recommended way to go about getting week 6 out of the way dotty (wags finger in admonishing manner).

Great stuff nonetheless. Well done.


I was expecting you saying you had hurt yourself and never again! But it looks like you did well. Congratulation on your stamina


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