Couch to 5K

The app steals time

Has anyone else noticed the app steals precious walking time from you?!

The description for week 4 is

Warm up

3min Run

90s walk

5min run

2.5min walk

3min run

90s walk

5min run

Cool down

BUT the 2nd 90s walk it only gives you 60s. (well for run 1 & 2 and I bet the 3rd will be the same)

Clever old NHS, making you work harder than you think you are going to.

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Actually we were just discussing something like this this morning on our way back from W5R2.

Laura told me : 8 minutes run / 5 minutes walk / 8 minutes run. To me this mean a total of 16 minutes run. At the end of the run, Laura told me : Well done, you have run a total of 15minutes.

So what happened to the 16th minute? Maybe it means that at the end of each section, you have 30 seconds to slow down before starting Walk?


Thank you for confirming that, I had a sneaking suspicion that the recovery was shorter after the second 90s on that particular run. No wonder I was blowing hard by the end of the second 5 minutes!

More NHS cuts I guess :) !


I noticed this when running it with my husband a couple of weeks ago. I didn't notice it when I run myself a few months ago because I didn't look at my phone. We seems to be running after only a short walk so on the next run (run2) I checked and it says 60 seconds on the screen while Laura is saying 90 seconds. I happens on run 3 too. Sorry to disappoint you. But you can feel even better about your run if you could manage it with just 60 seconds recovery walk :)


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