Couch to 5K

What next?

I'm one week off completing the c25k - it feels like it's taken forever as I started in January!!!! It took me 3 weeks just to finish week 1 I was so unfit. And then I had to take almost three weeks off due to back problems.

I'm really slow and do between 3 and 4 k in my 30 minutes. generally nearer the 3k if I'm totally honest!

I've (stupidly) signed up for a 10k with my equally slow friend in September. I did sign up for a 5k colour run too but that's in October so the 10k comes first!

So what next. Do I try to build up some speed or do I move on to the 10k podcast to build up my distance?

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Most likely speed will come with distance so I would say start a 10K training plan. I have been using one from and I am very pleased with my progress (my speed has also increased!), maybe have a look and see if you like it?


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