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W7R1 Best yet!

I just did w7r1 and it was my best run so far. I ran 2.47 miles (3.9km) in 25 minutes flat and managed my top speed for over a minute of running at 8.5mph! It's a miracle when just a couple of months ago I thought I was going to die after 90 seconds of running. Maybe I ran faster because just about every sports team was out in the park, so I didn't want to look like the lumbering whale I usually am lol...

I signed up for a 5k race a few weeks ago for a bit of pressure and today is the first day I feel like I wont end the race on the sweeper bus! Woohoo!

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Go steady! False moves crock ankles!

Keep plugging steadily away and you'll be graduating in no time, and in one piece

Happy running!


Thanks for the tips misswobble, I promise I wont push too hard! I don't want to look like a giant, red whale in my first race photo after all ;)

Just hard enough so that I don't get chased round the route by the bus...


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