Couch to 5K

Graduated last weekend

I started the programme just under 9 weeks ago and did my w9 r3 at the weekend. Having done very little exercise for 2 years I am thrilled to be able to run not just for 30 minutes but 5k. For the last run of each week from about week 6 I added a couple of minutes to the run to give me the confidence to move on to the next week.

I have always wanted to be able to run but have only ever gone about it in a haphazard way and never succeeded in running regularly - but better late than never. I have found following the comments on the forum informative, inspirational and motivating. (And I'm spending far too much time reading them!). Like others I am plotting routes in my head and planning ahead to fit runs in on holiday. For the next few weeks I plan to increase my time and distance gently and to do my first park run.

Apologies for lurking in the background for 9 weeks and thank you all for your posts.

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Wow! Lovely to hear from you, well done for graduating and also for de-lurking!

Don't be a stranger - stick around, you'll have loads to share with those of us jogging up behind you :-D And we want to know about the runs you get up to now you're out the other side!


Well done!


I'm a bit late for the party here, but well done you! Fantastic stuff, keep posting, parkruns are fab, go for it! x :-)


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