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Out of sorts!

Here I am - still on holiday in the US - getting some runs in but overall definitely "out of sorts!" . We are of course out and about every day and living in somebody elses house/bed, the weather is "hottish" which I am used to but perhaps the dryness of the air in the desert is less favourable than I thought it would be. Unfortunately I really only have two routes that I can follow - both very scenic but both involving a 100 metre descent over 2 miles to start and end with!!😞 . That finishing 2 mile ascent is a KILLER!!

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I feel for you that's tough. HOWEVER hill training is great!!! I'm currently practicing on a 126 metre mountain. How about breaking it up? Get to X then walk for 10 secs? Then Y then Z etc... And each time you do it push just a bit more???


Oh dear Baz, sorry to hear you're not quite yourself. I dare say you'll press on and not let it get you down. You can afford to ease up if you're on hol. Walking is still good exercise and will tide you over til you can get back to your usual regime

Take care. Rest and relax!


Still on holiday Bazza??


Impressed you are carrying on while on holiday but can understand that there is a slightly addictive quality to this programme. I will be away in a hot climate next week for 5 days and plan to try an run early in the day. The fact you have kept going is a great inspiration, thank you