Didn't enjoy this one very much as my right knee was not happy...I kept going and it got better towards the end, but it's worse than it was. At least I completed week 2! I'll see how it is on Wed when I do R1Wk3...may need a check by the doc....or a sports physio type person - I don't want to lose any momentum!!

It's the first run I have not really enjoyed as much.....ho hum :)


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  • I got a stiff knee around the same time W2. I strapped it up with that tape you get from sports shops and it's fine now

  • Just be careful. As much as you don't want to lose your momentum by resting for a couple of days, you also don't want to be forced to have 6 weeks off because you did more harm.

    Having said that, you have only run 6 times and am I safe to assume carrying a bit of extra weight too! (sorry if not). If I am correct then you must expect bits to ache and sadly knees and ankles are the obvious target, they simply are not used to the exercise. Ultimately you know your body, you know how bad it is. A visit to the doc might not be as successful as to a sports therapist although of course you won't get that for free. If you have a local sweatshop or other running shop, they might be helpful too.

    Good luck and keep posting

  • yes i am a good 21lbs over where I would like to be - I guess its the difference between aching and pain - I will have to keep an eye on it - its borderline at the moment :) Thanks for your advice :)

  • Firstly, take care of the knee. If if it hurts whilst running, walk...but try not to stop! I have dodgy knees from many, many years of long and triple jump, but it hasn't stopped me running ~ I won't let it.

    Take Cod liver oil or similar, and strap the knee with a Vulkan or similar neoprene elasticated bandage thingy. I have used one for years, and by George, it works. It get very hot underneath which seems to help the joint.

    If you need to, see the doc, but first check the shoes you are wearing. Pop along for a [free] gait analysis and check it's not that that is causing the problem. After all it is better to top a fence at the top and not an ambulance at the bottom.

    Keep us posted.

  • I felt my knee go on W1R1!! I thought 'NO!! That'll be it - this will be the excuse I will use to not do this'. So I went and saw an osteopath who worked on it and recommended I get a decent knee support - £18 from Boots - and its been fine. Grumbles a bit on stairs but when I run I always wear it and it's ok!

  • As well as looking at footwear, gait analysis and support, you might want to look at doing some knee strengthening stretches and exercises to do after a run and on your non running days. If you do go to a sports physio, they can advise on these, otherwise, there are loads of examples on the web. Just make sure you listen to your body and don't push too hard!

  • No harm in checking it out. Depends if it's just your muscles getting used to running or if you have an injury lurking in there. I had a dodgy knee at the beginning and had to wear support and sometimes leave 2 days between runs. Just do what you need to do. My knees are perfectly ok now they have got used to the exercise ;) You also might find it useful to do some knee strengthening exercises which you can find at:


    Happy running and hope the knees are ok.

  • Thanks I will try those!!

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