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Back on track

I went out again today. I did run last week but that was the first time for a while because of my back and I knew I was starting to lose the momentum.

But after going out with three friends who run on Saturday (not to run - to be laydeez wot lunch and to see The Full Monty) they kick started my enthusiasm. And I bought shiny new running shoes.

I started again on wk 6, day 1. I struggled and had to walk a couple of times during the 8 minute and second 5 minute run. But I did it.

Last week I went back to wk 5 day 1 but it felt a failure to go back that far (I know it isn't but thats how I felt) so I decided I'd rather start back on wk 6, even if it means repeating days 1 and 2 a few times. Its a mental thing - wk 5 day 3 is such a hurdle I felt a failure having to go back below that.

I loved the run, even though I found it hard. And best of all there were no puddles so my shiny new shoes are still shiny.

I managed to do 3k in 25 minutes so I'm quite chuffed with that. Slow, but not embarrassingly so.

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