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Graduated but knees are a pain!

Hi all, so graduated a month or so but I'm letting things slip as my knee is giving me all sorts of jip! I'm sort of stuck in a - do I rest my knee and then undo all the good work courtesy of the wonderful Laura, or do I man up and run through it. So right now I'm doing neither as I'm now running just once a week and then resting my knee and therefore the run (which is just below 30 mins for 5k) is not getting any easier and I'm not progressing...

On top of that I've been signed up for a 10k in July in London so - I'm a way off that and unless I get some sound advice from you guys, by July I will be exactly where I am now. Just coping with a 5k..

Thoughts/wisdom gratefully received


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I've got a knee that can give me problems. Since I recognised it as a potential problem, I've just strapped it up to support it for each run. No problems since. Initially I simply used tubular bandage, but I've got a padded support now that is secured with velcro straps. There's always tape strapping too. Have you tried this?


Knees are funny things and I don't think there is any "one size fits all" advice. I had real issues with both knees back in week 3 and had to see a physio to get things sorted out.

One thing to definitely think about though is footwear. Do you have a decent pair of running shoes and are they suitable for the way that you run?


Knee's can be funny old things and the cause can be actually else where as I have found out ... Rest and see how it or they feel but don't take any chances with them :D


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