Awful Sunday Night Long Run :(

This week I swapped the early Monday run for a longer Sunday night run. Yesterday afternoon I stained the decking, cut the unruly conifers overhanging my manor and gave the lawn a trim. Put young Millwalki to bed and set off for a Strava “10K in May”. All was fine until 2 miles in when the “Roberta Flack” started to ache, I slowed right down and pushed on, but the gremlins were using the back ache to niggle away at me. I carried on and got around the course I had set, no records broken, no PB’s and snail pace at one point!!!.

Got home and switched on the garmin app and downloaded the run, arrrghhhhh 6.18 miles if only I had popped around the block. I'm resting till Wednesday now and might look into a wrap around back support (any ideas?).

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  • Nothing worse that back pain. You have my sympathy.

    My advice is to ditch the gardening! :-)

  • Though I would try another long evening run last night. What a disaster, I got about 1.5 miles in and felt like it was week 5 again!!!!

    I managed 4.5 miles in the end but it was a slow awful experiance. Back was fine, legs were fine, breathing was fine, i just couldn't do it?

    Is it because I dumped Laura for Running Trax 2015? Am I being punished?

    Got home and looked at my running shoes and the sole is almost worn away on the outside of each heel? I think it may be the shock absorber insoles I put a while back twisting my foot a bit. I only bought them in January.

    Two weeks and I'll pop and have a GA done at Advanced Performance in Cambridge.

    Looks like I'll be back plodding the streets in the mornings again, seem to get on better :)

  • Got up early, got back with Laura and all was fine?

    Weird, it appears I am a morning runner after all :) Banged out a 4.5 Miler and could have gone on a little more but time was pressing on.

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