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I've been out now for 4 weeks but I have hurt my knee. I suffer from joint pain (waiting on an X-ray for my shoulder and an appointment with rheumatology). When I started on C25K, it really helped my hips as they were sore and stiff before. The pain subsided and my hips were only stiff first thing in the morning. My doctor thinks I've done some soft tissue damage to my knee and told me to rest for the next two weeks. I'm betwixt and between as running helped my hips but has exacerbated my knees which were sore as well. I don't know if running should be set aside for the time being. I'm gutted as I was loving it. Anyone have arthritis and run? I am 44 and have always been active and fit but the last few years I've had to stop 😔😔 TIA

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My Dad has rheumatoid arthritis. And he's in his 80s. However right now he's off at the other end of the country competing at the highest level nationally of his chosen running sport... (in his age class!)

So anyone who says an automatic no to you probably just doesn't know enough. But that doesn't mean you can or should carry on as you were. How far had you got with the Couch to 5K programme? Week 4/5? It seems very likely to me that in order to continue running safely you will have to consider your shoes and your running surface carefully. It may well be that you are a bit stuck until you've got more information about what is going on - but the *right* sort of exercise done in the right way is going to help your arthritis.

I am hesitant to suggest swimming or something else water-based, which would be the obvious interim thing, as I find that the most painful thing (if I go regularly the clunks and grinds do improve)


Thank you for replying. I have pain in my shoulder at the moment and I can't swim because of it. I think I'll just have to hold on until I get a diagnosis and some medication. 😒😒


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