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Ants in my pants

Six more days and I will be able to start running again. I have increased my walking. Two days ago at my previous usual morning running time, I took Laura with me and did 30 minutes brisk walk (week 1) instead, and yes, this morning, it is 6am, Everyone is sleeping and I am all done up with sports bra, leggings, and best running shoes, Laura sitting on top of the table ready to be picked up, waiting for a bit of day light and we will go for another 30 minutes "brisk" walk again. It is so hard not to go into a jog but the surgeon said : no no no. So I will have to wait for next Saturday. In the mean time, I am ready, the dog is ready, and we will go for our pretend run. I will use week 2 this time. Happy running guys...

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Good luck NHS, remember the doctors orders!!


No promises


That sounds good. Where are the ants?! 😄




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