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Feeling proper chuffed!

So, I started this program last year and almost finished, but then mince pie season got in the way. Put on 5lbs and couldn't be ar*ed to shift myself off the couch. Then, UK buddy (I'm in Canadaland) said she'd be my virtual workout buddy this time and we'd get through this together.

I've been stuck on the dreadmill and too scared to go out, in case someone saw me waddling and turning purple and, worse, called an ambulance.

Anyway, I figured I'd have to go outside at some point, so wearing my best disguise of a baseball cap and giant sunglasses, off I went. Was dreading this run W5R3, but it was ok! Honestly, it was do-able. I was probably a lot slower than on the dreadmill but I could breathe better and it was so liberating! Even Laura's questionable taste in music didn't seem so bad!

Week 6 here I come!

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Well done SF. W5R3 is a big milestone, the one that convinces you that you will complete the program.


And so you should feel chuffed. Running continuously for 20 minutes is a great achievement. But not sure about your comment about the music. "Didn't seem so bad"?!! Mmmmm......


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