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Week 1 Complete

Week 1 was slightly challenging mainly because I had my runs following my weight lifting sessions. I am not sure if I'm going to change what times or days I run on because it's just nice to get it all done within 3 days of the week rather than getting it done in 6. It was enjoyable and I feel good that I completed it and all of my weight sessions. Is anybody else lifting weights along with this program? What do you do?

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I do weights and when I was working through the programme did the weights on the same day as the runs. However, since I've been running longer distances I do the weights on the "rest" days as I couldn't fit it all into one day! Although some weeks it feels as if I'm working out every single day! Can't be bad though!

Interestingly, a gym instructor told me to do the weights first and then run rather than the other way around. I see you are doing just that. Did someone advise you to do that? Just curious.

I think in answer to your question it depends on how you feel and what you can practically do in a day. I would say that if your current routine works for you then just continue with it.


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