Couch to 5K

Shin pain :(

Have completed week 1 :) I first started c25k last year but had to stop due to shin pain. I do other exercises, spinning HIIT training but I really want to run!

On run 3 my shin pain was bad, as well as Achilles pain. This is both legs😥 Ive been told I have tight calf muscles, could this be causing it? I really don't want to stop! Any advice would be much appreciated! X

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I suffer with shin splints. This sounds like the same to me. i am not an expert but padded running socks and better running shoes helped me. I also find pavements worse than pathways. Also I found that the longer distances better.


Thanks :) I e ordered some compression calf things to see if they help and I'll focus my stretching more!!

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2 or 3 weeks into c25k I did a long fast walk into town from where I work, all uphill, then a slower walk back. I had horrible shin pain for a couple of days afterwards. I did no running (and not much walking) until the pain went. In my case it was the unaccustomed exercise and I haven't had a recurrence. But it may not be the case for you.

You will get aches and pains while you are stressing your body no matter how well you stretch, have hot or cold baths, etc. Sharp pains that alter your gait or stop you from running are a different matter and you have to take them far more seriously.


I get pains when my brisk walk is too brisk. Sounds silly, but my walk breaks are always quite slow.


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