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Back after almost a year on the couch!!!

Just ran 5k last night after almost a year of starting the Couch to 5k. I really Loved it last Spring, managed the 5k runs, lost 2 stone, got injured ( Plantar Fasciitis) = put 2 stone back on , and a year later just getting back into it. Hope to stay injury free and keep my motivation up. Hers to 10k!!!!. Any programs out there for 5k to 10k ??

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Well done for getting back to it. I had a 'lazy' winter and have stared back in the middle of the programme. I plan to give this a try next.

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Well done. I have been in the same boat (although I had been out for approx 4 months) and am slowly but surely getting back into the groove. Spring is a fantastic time of year for running, although the last few days have been awful weather wise.

Have you had a look at the bupa plan? There is an intermediate plan which takes you from 5k to 10k in 9 weeks. Unfortunately you don't have a coach like Laura but have to rely on your own music and motivation.

Good luck with whatever you choose.


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