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Boring old treadmill

It's wet and very very windy here today, so I did W7R1 on the treadmill at the gym. I like being able to use the fixed weights machines afterwards and it's helpful to use the treadmill to force a constant pace, but oh so boring. I have been using the gym for about 1 run in 3 since I started, but this was the first time my run was in the gym since I reached the point of continuous running rather than running and walking. 25 minutes seems a very long time staring at the gym's central stairwell! Still, another one successfully ticked off.

I am not looking forward to maintaining my running during my March work trip to Kuala Lumpur, where previous experience tells me it is far too hot and steamy to contemplate any idea of running outdoors, and the hotel gym it will have to be. A better thought is that I should complete W9 runs 2 and 3 whilst I am in Dublin for the Ireland v England 6 nations match. That should motivate me!

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Lucky you on all your travels - bound to be raining in Ireland - but at least it should be a good match - unlike watching Scotland.


I used to run on a treadmill years ago, and didn't mind it so long as I had music to listen to. At least you have the gym option...Ireland sounds great for running though, all that gentle rain...


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