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Couch to 5K
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Making a lifestyle change...eek

So I've decided to take the plunge and get back in shape. Since my wedding in June I have put on over three stone and generally got rather cuddly around the edges. Whilst at work today and feeling rather stuffed after Christmas I came across the NHS Choices website and the Couch to 5K programme. The horrendous experience of the work Christmas party and trying to fit into a sparkly number without looking like a prize Christmas turkey covered in aluminium foil...I failed spectacularly...has spurred me on to make the change. I thought I'd join this forum for a bit of moral support along the way. So here I go...first run/walk tonight and hopefully here's to a new me!

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Oh good luck, my native American friend!! You won't regret this - just don't get too excited and go off too fast - take it gently and you will soon be a running addict like the rest of us on this forum. You'll get loads of support and advice from your fellow forumers too, so ... enjoy!

Keep posting with your progress as the good folk on here are excellent motivators if you're feeling a bit naff after a hard day at work and thinking a pie, mash and beer in front of the fire would be a better idea. A quick entry to the forum and you'll soon be pulling on your running gear and heading out the door!

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Welcome on board! You have taken the first, all-important, step. From now on, all you need to do is a bit of running, but it'll be easy in comparison. Looking forward to hear how you're getting on.


Go for it pocahontasr! I was doubtful before I started the programme but it really is easy to follow and amazingly addictive once you get the bug! Hope you get on OK tonight - keep us posted on your progress.


You won't regret your decision. Running has so many health benefits and it tones your bum! You can do it Pocahontas!


Well done for taking this first step - often the hardest part.

Just follow the podcasts exactly and take it slow and steady. Come here when you need encouragement and support.

Good luck!


hi and welcome pocahontasr :D :D well done an making a start :D :D you will be amazed at what this program does for you :D :D blimey i even wear running tights now and like wearing them ?? :D :D apart from that :D we are all behind you every step of the way :D

keep posting on your progress :D


Thanks everyone for your support. I survived my first effort and have started the day with a nice walk into work too. Looking forward to my next run!


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