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Treadmill advice

Hi all. I graduated back at the end of august then a week later found out I'm pregnant with our second Tiny Ted. I've carried on with the running but not upped miles or speed etc on the advice of the midwife. Anyway now it's dark and with Uncle Ted working away Monday to Friday I'm finding it increasingly harder to get out pounding the pavements. So I'm wanting advice on treadmills, not too expensive please. So I can carry on running as long as possible and then walking on it after that. All advice welcome!

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Wow I'm impressed. Last year i stopped at w5 as i was 5 weeks pregnant and my energy just disappeared. I did keep walking tho throughout my pregnancy and redid c25k when B was 4 mths.

I wonder if you might be better saving the expense of a treadmill unless you are sure you will use it after the birth? Personally part of my joy in running is time to myself in the fresh air with no children! Maybe try a cross trainer? Just a thought.


We have a cross trainer but it's not good for my malaligned body I'm afraid! I'll definitely use it after as will my hubby and it's a birthday and Christmas gift so all ok expense wise. I must admit I've had to drag myself out most of the time but have felt better once I've done it!


Firstly, congratulations on your good news :-)

Rather than buying a treadmill, have you thought about a gym membership? You could use the treadmills there, and later on, when running becomes difficult, swap it for cycling or swimming? Also many gyms run special classes for pregnant ladies. You'd also benefit by getting tailored advice from the gym instructors?


Unfortunately it's a time issue as I have a 2 year old and my husband works away Monday to Friday so I wouldn't be able to go as much as I'd like. The gym in our town doesn't have a creche either. Thank you for the suggestion though xx


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