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20 mins non-stop running, done, for the first time in 16 years

As a teen who used to compete in cross country running, I've been kind of disappointed at my now 30yo self in the early weeks at how hard I found the 2 or 3 minute runs.

Today I did Week 5 run 3 for the first time, and for the first time in half my life time I've been able to run 20mins non stop... that has me absolutely convinced that this program works!

I feel very tired, but absolutely great that I'm finally back to a stamina level I thought I still had.

Now I'm starting to wonder how to turn this into a upward push in terms of health and weight loss...

I've cut out dairy (for the sake of adult acne actually) and I'm now looking at cutting back on cards and replacing with green veg.

Anyone have any non gym-membership-related suggestions to add to the program to really start to see the health increase on the outside?

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Hula hooping, Zumba, swimming, skipping and good old walking and/ or cycling?

Gillian Michaels or is it Jillian 30 day shred?

The secret is find something you want to do and with a good diet the weight and inches will fall off :)


Portion control, boring but it works. Smaller plate etc.


Well Done on getting back to running. Your weight and health will benefit. If you eat healthily you'll soon see the benefit

I do home exercise as I can't afford the gym. I try and walk everywhere now, leaving the car at home. I borrow dogs to run/walk with them, which is good. I do exercise dvd's amd am seeing the benefits even after only a short time

I eat from all food groups, but eat sensibly, and don't do junk at all

You get out what you put in, and if you want to turn things round then you will

Good luck and happy running


C25k didn't make any difference to my weight but it has toned up my legs and bum quite a bit!

I have myfitnesspal for calorie control and, so long as I don't keep any secrets from it ( :D ), seems to be effective with the occasional help of a 500 cal (5:2) fast day. Myfitnesspal gives you a calorie guideline based on age/height/current weight/amount of exercise undertaken. Can recommend it highly. I never add on exercise calories burned.

Have cut out processed foods as far as possible and trying to reduce wheat content (we eat LOTS of (wholemeal) bread. Skin improved a bit when I stopped coffee! From about 5-6 mugs of filter coffee a day to just one now. Could be the milk content, but suspect caffeine is the culprit for me.

When I reached the end of week 9 I started attacking those other wobblesome bits on non-run days with Jillian Michaels 30 day shred (lots of info about Ms. Michaels on here) and I found Tracy Anderson's arms vid on youtube. Didn't have the energy before that last c25k run to combine everything.

Overall, quite pleased with the results so far when compared with day one of c25k.


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