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half marathon looms!!!

My first half marathon is looming, and i am so nervous.... my knee has been playing up (on and off) for 3-4 months. after 3 weeks with no running, i am now back to running approx 3 miles a couple of times a week and i know i need to do more mileage and frequently before the big day. however, i have started having pains at side of my knee again and am scared it's gonna hold me up or put me off.

seriously, i want to take part still and have no plans to opt out. as long as i complete, i don't care, run, walk, stagger, crawl... i will do it. I have someone running with me who has completed a half previously in around 2h 40 min... i will probably take twice that!!! but its all about taking part and getting past that mental block about it all. i find the first 20 mins running the worst as my body struggles with the breathing and my legs start to ache. But after that, it eases slightly. last night, i trained on the treadmill and then did 10 mins on rowing machine and 10 mins on exercise bike to warm down. then my knee pain started and this morning i am walking a bit like an old woman (i already am if you count 40 as beign old!!)

so guys, any tips? and is there anyone out there taking part in the Leicester Half on Sunday October 26th?

need some motivation to keep training folks!!! will keep you posted

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Well done for being so determined! Having said that... do listen to your body as well so you don't end up causing more harm that good.

As for tips? Do what you're already doing, as in run when you can, and then walk when you can't run. You'll have a fab time in Leicester, so enjoy it to its fullest, without worrying about speed, time, or anything like that.

Happy running!


Do take yourself off to see a physio ASAP about your knee. You really really need to get it sorted out before you do some proper damage. I feel like mine gave me a whole new lease of life when he sorted out my knee pain. I watched the local HM pass my front door yesterday and there were stragglers at the back who were almost in tears, limping and hobbling, rubbing knees and clutching hips and saying never again. Running should be a pleasure. Sort your knee out and then you can enjoy the experience. Good luck :)


Did yo stretch properly after your run? Apply ice to the knees and elevate them? Wear compression thingies?

I also have a Half looming, mine a week before yours, and being a few years older than you also have a knee that gives me gyp after long runs if I don't coddle it. I was on the injury couch for a couple of weeks a little while ago for that very reason. Now I have taken to doing all of the above as soon as I get back from a long run and then wear a knee brace for a couple of days afterward (even in bed) as a preventative measure, and so far it seems to be working.

I also find the first couple of miles of any run really grim going until I find my rhythm. I just try to keep my head down on grind out those first 15 mins or so and then it all becomes a lot more tolerable.

Time on your feet is what you need to log between now and the day, and, if all your training is treadmill based, I would strongly recommend you get out and get some practice on tarmac. You don't want anything unfamiliar on race day.

Other than that good luck and look forward to hearing all about how your training and the race goes.


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