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Week 4 day 1

Hello folks, new on here today.

But I've been working my way through nhs couch to 5k app for a few weeks. Well, I completed week 4/day one yesterday. Tough but not absolute hell. I had a giggle on the 1st of the 5 minute jogs, thought I was getting well through it (thinking only had minute or so to go) and that welcoming voice tells me I'm only half way through it!!

I've never run before, always walked (including hill walking) or cycled. It was my partner that wanted to try it and I said I'd join her for support. Unfortunately she's had to stop it just now due to terrible knee pain but I'm still going strong. Makes it a bit lonely doing it on my own but my dog joins me sometimes.

I'm completing the course to help with weight loss as well as getting back to fitness levels I've been at before. With hypopituitarism it can be tough loosing weight (taking steroid/testosterone levels/etc) but doing very well just now as over 10 weeks have lost 2st & 1lb.

My only problem will be keeping it going when the nights close in a bit but feeling a lot better than have done for a while.

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Hi and welcome to the forum ;o) It sounds like you are making good progress. Pity your wife had to drop out. Congratulations on the weight loss, too. Good luck with your c25k and keep us all update on your progress ;o)


Welcome benachally. It sounds as though you have a few challenges, but you're meeting them face on, so really well done for getting this far and for the weight loss.

Your wife's knee pain may be due to "new running knee pain" which will ease and hopefully she'll be able to join you again. Just think of the fun you'll have going through the programme again but taking your wife through each run!


I think your wife will want to join you when she sees you benefitting from your runs. New runners knee is par for the course, but as you get stronger your knee and ankle niggles will disappear

I run for weight loss, although I've lost four stones now, so running to maintain my weight. This programme is great as it gives you the tools to be able to learn to run and then keep running, get fitter, stronger and just improves your general health hugely. I can't praise it enough.

I started the programme in winter so cold, wet mornings and dark, windy nights hold no fear for me. You just get used to them. I was a super-wuss when I started running but I feel hot all the time now. It's as if your core temperature goes up.

Good luck and happy running


Welcome to the best forum on the entire interwebby thing. Congratulations on your progress. Everyone has pains when they start an unfamiliar exercise regime. My knees ached all the time for about five weeks, but over a year later my knees are stronger than ever and I hardly ever get a twinge. These knees exercises can strengthen your muscles and reduce the pain.

My wife started C25k after me, because she saw the change in me and did not want to get left behind. We only occasionally run together, because of our naturally different paces, but we love the shared interest and the other health benefits. We have both lost weight. I think that C25k is best done by the individual, unless you have a running partner who has the same natural pace as you.

Wishing you both the best of luck.

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