Couch to 5K

W4R1 Done!! :-) Shin splints again :-(

Amazed I managed to complete all the runs neccessary for today's programme.

But my shins are/were soooo painful :'-( I made sure I stretched well for a good 10 mins before going out too. I went to get a new pair of trainers at the w/e as the one's I'm using did all the training plus the full Moonwalk last summer. But as I'm aiming to go off road at the end of this 9 wks I didny feel I could justify the £100 now and probably £75 to £100 in a month or so. Really regret it now.

The lass suggested I stuck with Brooks GTS but I wondered if there was a cheaper but similar trainer that would do the trick? Has anyone used Brooks and an alternative before?

Thanks folks x

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Congratulations for doing w4r1 :-) I did mine this morning.

Sorry I can't help regarding the trainer advice or shin splints - hope they feel better soon.


Sorry to hear of your shin woes> :-( Sadly, I can't help either with your query but wanted to say that I hope you feel better soon, and well done on completing W4R1!


Thanks both...... off to the gym now and will ask their advice. I got given tape at the running shop but didn't leave myself enough time to use it this morning, so will factor in an extra 10 mins on Wednesday. I've also had a wee look on ebay too and have found some Brooks at a reasonable price so I'm happy with that.

Thanks again :-)


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