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I think I'm injured but I'm not sure?

Hi all, I've been running since Oct and so far not had anything hurt that hasn't been fine after a few days or prevented me running... until now.

If anyone know what this is and can offer advice I'd be very grateful!

The top front part of my shin, just below the knee is painful, especially when I put pressure on the ball of my foot. I noticed it last night when out for a run and decided to cut the run short and this morning it hurts to walk.

I'm thinking maybe it's shin splints? I'm worried I'll have to take a lot time of running.


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It sounds similar to something I had. I went to GP because the pain was quite bad and he told me to take a couple of weeks off from running. I got myself calf compression thingies after and although I do still get niggles, it's never as bad since. Maybe take an extra rest day first and see how it is tomorrow? If it carries on though, a visit to the gp may be in order - better a week or two rest now than several months later.


I would take a painkiller and keep the leg iced and elevated (you can keep the ice on for about 14 minutes at a time (in a pouch or with a cloth next to your skin) Do that as often as you can and see how it goes.

Are you having a day's break between your runs to give you time to recover?


I'm no medic but it sounds a bit like the on set of shin splints. As advised by your doc rest for a couple of weeks, I took an anti-inflammatory too (ibuprofen) which helped me. I also did a lot of research on the subject and when I started running again I paid particular attention to how I planted my feet. I adjusted my stride to a mid foot strike instead of the heel strike which Laura said to do. I've not been bothered by shin pain since. Hope it settles down soon for you.


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