Shin splints/ pain in leg!!

I'm new to the site and new to running. I'm really enjoying in and I run with a little group. We are all beginners so it's fab! I'm on week 5 and have just completed session. 2. In the start I experienced pain in my right shin which I thought could be shin splints. After week 3 I thought I'd check out to see If I was wearing the right footwear- I wasn't!!!!! I now have running trainers and they made such a difference. However after last nights session ( 2 sets of 8mins) my right leg was so painful particularly my shin area. I put ice on it when i got home- and it helped but has anyone got any advice or suggestions? I'm loving the running and I'm actually looking forward to my session tomorrow but I know it will hurt :( . I hope someone will offer some advice!!! X


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4 Replies

  • Don't despair as it will probably get better as you get stronger and your muscles used to the exercise. I do butt kicks while I'm running if I feel my legs beginning to ache as it gets extra oxygen to your legs, apparently. I do about four or five of them in rapid succession. Ensure you do warm ups and cool downs and fake a day off between runs

  • Thank you. I hope your right, like I said I'm really enjoying it and don't want to stop!!!! :)

  • As miss wobble said....good advice! But just something to think about your new to running your body is being put under stress esp calves and shins so it's going to ache and hurt but it's nothing to worry about I am on week 7 and my legs Are hurting again as I'm now doing the longer runs my tendons and muscles are now complaining again! Just make sure you take your rest days and even another one if you need to and you'll be fine xxxxx

  • i am experiencing pain in my right shin for the first time today. I did a lot of inclines when out this morning so i am wondering if it is something to do with that. Completed my final run of week 8 and looking forward to starting week 9 next week. Lots to do in the garden over the weekend as forecast is good so will start week 9 on Monday should give my shin the chance to feel better i hope.

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