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W7 - Any apps you can recommend to increase speed and strength? Thanks!!

Hi - I've made it to W7 and I'm onto the runs without walking intervals - yippee! I can only do the full 25mins on the flat and can feel that I need to increase my overall strength in order to include some hills. I'd love to know what others have done after the 9 week course is finished to increase their speed and strength and any apps they've used - ideally audio podcasts as they've so worked for me. Thanks so much!!!! Zoe

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If you click on the pinned post to the right 'life after your 5K' you will see that Laura does some more podcasts to increase your speed and stamina. that sounds like what you may be after. Well done so far - not far off graduating now!


Hi! Thanks so much for replying. Silly me - I should have said I've already downloaded those and I'm looking for others to make sure I have a structure that I can follow after week 9. I know that is I have something organised in advance that takes a few weeks it will keep me going! I have my first 5k race at the end of may and as of now I reckon it will take me 40 minutes but it is undulating!


When you finish the course keep to 3 runs per week:

extend one run a week for stamina

do 1 regular run

do the regular run, but push the pace.

Have a look to see if there's a local parkrun ( - corrected), you could start doing them now, no need to finish the course - don't stress they're very slow runner friendly, as long as you try they're happy ;-)


Thank you so much!


You can also keep posting on here to keep motivated.


Thank you!


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