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Jantastic run #1

I ran on Sunday (icy so I did some unplanned skating too!) so though yesterday was D1 of Jantastic it was a non-run day for me. Today was hideous weather, though not as awful as the poor people in the South, South-East, South-West and Wales are having, and every time I thought about going out it was tipping down with icy rain on a blustery wind, not very inviting at all! Which is why I ended up running at dusk, in icy rain and blustery wind, doing a quick Speed podcast, which I was quite glad to finish. BUT on the walk home I suddenly found I had a bit more juice in the tank and so started running again, this time I really felt in the zone and ran for an extra 10 minutes, had to get home after that and start the tea! So I've started my Jantastic challenge. Also doing NHS Choices New Year's Resolution which is doing a swim/run/walk/gym visit every day. Although I don't belong to a gym I figure I can do some exercise including aerobics and weights at home (my friend who's a Personal Trainer, has done a programme for me) and maybe some exercise biking. I've also just signed up for the running bug's #timetorun January challenge.

So, good luck everyone, with Jantastic - and hope everyone in flooded areas are safe and OK. Don't take any risks with water and weather! Xx

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Well done Soozz. :-) I just did my first Jantastic run today too and surprised myself by finding the enthusiasm to cover 10K (only 5K was running though). I had a day off work and promised myself I would go out as soon as the weather looked okay. I really felt I needed to go somewhere new, hence ending up going further than I'd expected, and only got rained on a little bit. :-)

It sounds like you've got plenty to keep you active this year. My knees seem stronger in the last couple of months so I'm hoping to introduce some new activities too. I really need to build up my core.

I hope you have a great 2014 and keep in touch. :-) xx


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