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Started week 9 again, first run down!

I did this run 2 weeks ago but a holiday and some treatment for my plantar fasciitis got in the way of finishing the week, so my aim is to do the full three runs this week, my Christmas present to myself will be my graduation badge!

I must be in the right mindset, getting up at 7.30am on a sunday morning -what has happened to me!!! It was a lovely morning, mild, dry, pretty sunrise.

My legs felt like lead and I wasn't at all sure i would finish it but i have a friend who is in hospital at the moment and i know how dearly she would love to be able to walk let alone run, so every time i felt like giving up i thought of her and it spurred me on.

Two more runs to go!!!

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We will soon be seeing that shiny graduation badge next to your name What a well earned Christmas present to your self Good luck with your last 2 runs You can do it


Good luck, stay focused, what an excellent Xmas present that beautiful badge is, mine arrived yesterday


Good luck will be seeing that badge soon


Congratulations on getting out and running, you are nearly there now and will soon have your shiny badge


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