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Back for a second go

Hi everyone, I started C25K early 2013, was doing great - and great support from all my C25K buddies here - my aim was to complete this before my 50th birthday, week 5 had a very sore hip, got new shoes, got to week 8, then had plantar fasciitis - (very painful sore foot/heel for those who have avoided it) had to stop running, was really fed up, anyway, birthday came and went, started again a couple of weeks ago, now on week 5 run 2, with 2 rest days in between, my body seems to have remembered how to run! Really happy, so, the moral of the story is, don't give up, take it slowly - and keep visiting this site - just reading the posts is really motivating and absolutely get proper shoes! Hopefully this time, I will make it to the end

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