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Week 9 run2 - what on earth is wrong with my legs???

Hi everyone,

So there I was, hoping to re-graduate on Thursday but unfortunately that's going to have to wait as right now I can barely walk!

On Sunday I did week 9 run1 fine (well, puffed and beetrooty but no worse than usual). Yesterday was a rest day and today I went out to do my normal route for run 2. Well - I managed the first 15 minutes (the uphill bit) with no problem at all and then my legs gradually started to protest. After about 18 minutes both calves and both shins were sore so I took a walk break. When I tried running again I felt as if all cushioning and bounce had gone and every step juddered through me! Of course I was about as far from home as I get at this point but I walked home, disappointed but not in pain.

Now, about 6 hours later, I seem to be quite stiff in the hips/lower back. Calves not so bad but still a bit tight. I have no idea what the issue is but all I can do is keep moving (eek) and stretch.

I think I probably need more rest before trying again for w9 r2 - I usually run Thursday, do aerobics Friday and then run Sunday. I'm thinking maybe delay run until Saturday might be wise. Any other pearls of wisdom? Yes - I do need new shoes :-) but I've needed them for a while now.

Hope you're all doing better than me today :-)

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I get terribly painful shins and calf muscles. I find that longer rest periods between any moderate exercise helps xx


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