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Pourly paw paw

Just getting over a bruising the ball of my foot and wham! I appear to be in Plantar territory. Not a happy camper! I felt a weird twinge when running in my new shoes yesterday and I carried on, hobbled all day and in the evening nearly howled Tesco's down when I had a massive twinge in the wine dept! No way I can run at the moment. The pain is in the arch of my foot and seems to cradle it including the ankle. I'm a very unhappy runner!

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OUCH!! Both foot and wallet must be smarting. It does make me revise any ideas of buying new shoes until absolutely necessary. I wondered whether my foot niggles might have been avoided by different footwear, but it is probable, in my case, that poor technique and underdeveloped musculature are are more likely culprits. I suppose all runners are vulnerable to injury but as new runners we are probably more prone, as we relatively rapidly increase the demands on our bodies. My research into plantar fasciitis resulted in me starting to use the toes on step stretches to strengthen the plantar fascia, ie. lower the heels below the top of step, hold for 30 seconds, gently raise then repeat. For injuries this can be done with just the injured foot, but using both to lift up, avoiding too much strain. I think it was the Runners World site that provided this.

It certainly sounds like plantar fasciitis, so I hope you stocked up in the wine dept, because it can take a while to sort. I hope I am wrong and that you make a quick recovery. Good luck.


My hubby had to give up hill walking many years ago when he developed planter fasciitis was told by specialist that insoles in his shoes would help reduce pain but surgery was another option. He's over the years spent a lot of money having special insoles made for him. It helps prevent too much pain but restricts the distance he is able to walk these days, rough ground is a no no.


I have had a tendon issue in the same ankle which took an age to heal, but I'm going to have a weeks rest and then reassess, I'm going to swim to try to keep active. Bahhhhhh bloody foot


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