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Wk 4 R1 - Newbie Ankle problems

Hi everyone. I am new to the forum and completed Wk 4 R 1 last night. Before I started the program I went for gait testing to ensure I had the right shoes. Unfortunately I have started to have pain and swelling of my outer ankles so I am going to have to rest for a week or so. I am very frustrated as I am really enjoying the challenge of the C25K program. I have never had ankle problems before and have done hi impact aerobics for years. Do you think I need to get the trainers changed??

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Could just be because the shoes are new?

Or that running is different to other types of exercise that you've done. A friend is an experienced runner who has similar issues, physio suggested the exercise where you stand on the stairs with your heel over the edge, gently raising and lowering.


Thanks Crox - I will do more of the heel raises as soon as I can.


or another tip is look at where you are running - I know when I run at the side of a road (effectively in the gutter) my left ankle always hurts because of the road camber so make sure run on the flat where you can.... better still if you can get somewhere soft and grassy

Ibuprofen (if you're okay with them) raise the ankle up and ice pack it should take care of the swelling.


Thanks Matthew - I'm going to leave it a week and swim in the meantime. I have been running on a mix of trails & Tarmac. Maybe sticking to the canal towpath would be better. Thanks for the advice the ibuprofen has helped a lot!


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