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Foot injury cleared up, need to get back on it!

A few weeks ago I decided to really push myself to the limit and see how far I could run. I had planned to do this for a while and mapped out my route which included canal side running, road running and a even short dash through some woods. When the day came around (July 18th) it turned out to be the hottest day of the year (according to a local weather station website - )

Not only that, but I ran at about 5pm after work. 4.30pm that day the temperature peaked at 30.7 degrees. Almost literally the hottest hour of the entire year and I had planned a great big silly run around!

But as I'd planned and looked forward to this run over a number of days I decide to go for it anyway. The distance was a little over 17km so armed with plenty of water and battery life on my phone I set off.

The run actually seemed to go ok and other than a pesky blister under my left foot, all seemed well.

However, every subsequent run since then I've suffered from some pain in the top of my right foot during and after the run. I'm not sure what I've done (other than probably over doing it!), it's not painful enough to cause me to have to stop but it's "just there" the whole time and for a couple of days after when walking.

So I decided to take a break and let my body have an extended rest. It's now 13 days since I last went out running and I've missed it so much! This was my first injury if you like since I took up this crazy hobby and I knew a break would make me go one of two ways. Either I'd not miss it and perhaps struggle to get back into it, or I would miss it terribly. Pleasingly it's very much the latter and tonight I'm back on it!

Does anyone have any experience of coming back from an injury/break and how they eased back into things?

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