Couch to 5K

11.27km -7 Miles

Hi everyone I thought I'd share my news that today I managed 7 miles non stop! So happy! Especially as I thought about 3 weeks ago I wouldn't be able to do the runs I'd signed up for .. 10km I'm September and Half Marathon in October due to a knee injury. But after 2 weeks off and 5 runs back in I managed it today. Over the moon is an understatement.

If you are questioning your ability DON'T !!! Keep at it. Some days can be tough.

I would not have believed anyone if they'd have said I'd be running as much as I am 4.5 months ago!

:-) keep happy

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Well done! I ran the same distance yesterday also in preparation of a HM (in Brentwood) in October. I haven't committed myself 100% to it yet, I'm going to decide in a few weeks. What HM have you wines up for?


Hi. Cardiff. Don't get me wrong I'm not the sprinter who's going to finish it in record time. But I was running :) good luck with your HM. Let me know how you get on


I just re-read my post "wines up"?! I wrote that on the iPhone, must have been the auto-correct!

Anyway the time isn't important, the fact that we are even aiming to run a HM is an acheivment.


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