Couch to 5K

so how do i go from treadmill to running outside?!?

i am just about to start week 8 and have so far been running on a treadmill in my garage. however, i need some tips and advice because i know that at some point i should/want to try running outdoors.

how different is it to a treadmill? i;m sort of scared i'd stop and walk or something cos on a treadmill it helps to keep you goin? sounds sort of silly i know.#

i am enjoying the program so far and want to keep it up after week 9, maybe even doing park runs, sponsored runs or something, but am scared too. i also would like to hear from anyone who runs with their dog/s, something i may consider....

any ideas fellow runners?

sounds good that, runners.

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Running outside is definitely more interesting. The biggest thing to be careful with is your pace. You will have to run a few time to get used to running at the correct pace, it is easy to set off too fast and then be tired. Alternatively you could be too cautious and run very slow, which is something I do sometimes when running for longer distances, I then need to speed up to get to my target times!


A lot of people have blogged on here that running on a treadmill is probably easier because the constant movement means that some of the effort is reduced. So, be warned, going outside will not only feel harder but probably will be harder when you first step out! You may feel as novice and exhausted as you did in weeks 1 and 2 :( Please don't let this deter you, though! Running outside really is more interesting. In addition, I assume you started this course to get as fit as possible ... So why not accept that by getting outside you will be improving your fitness levels yet more ... Better lung work, better footwork, harder effort against weather and inclines .... Yep, if you want to be satisfied that your programme is making you as fit as possible, then continuing your training outside is the way to achieve it. And very soon, you'll be oozing confidence to enter ParkRuns, charity events etc!

Good luck, Linda x


I had a change of (outdoor) venue recently and it was good to try running somewhere new.

Running outside is great so why not just give it a try. If you've made it to week 8 then you probably now what pace you can run at so just keep to that.

I haven't treadmilled but it looks a bit artificial and I quite like the fact that I have run somewhere. Having said that I can see it would be a good option if you dont have somewhere suitable.

Perhaps the Park Run will be a good start for venturing outside.

Good luck whichever method you choose.


Running outdoors also helps to clear the mind so just go to it and enjoy.


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