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Week 9 Run 3: Graduation and technology fail!!

Well I had such high hopes for my graduation run......had a couple of extra rest days just to make sure.....planned my route, the day and the time. I so wanted it to be the best run ever, maybe a tad faster and further than runs 1 and 2.

Well lets just say it was not the best run ever but neither was it the worst!!

Had a terrible nights sleep, not sure why, so was up at 0630. Got myself and the dog ready, decided it was too sunny and hot to wear my usual light fleece (this is the first run without my fleece and I have now realised it has become a bit of a comfort blanket/fleece for me). Where to put my key, poop bags and phone?

Anyway, outfit and storage issue sorted, running shoes on and out the door. Start my warm up and try to log into runkeeper, not recognising my password, try mapmyrun, not picking up GPS.......bugger how will I know how far I have run and how fast??

Suddenly, a voice in my head said "don't be a slave to the tools, just go for it!". So I did.

I ran on my planned route, just enjoying the music and the sunshine. Before I knew it I was close to home and decided to warm down. Mapmyrun did eventually pick up GPS and told me I had run for 40 minutes with a distance of 4k.

Not my fastest run, but certainly the longest and the furthest - I am happy with that for my graduation run.

Took slightly longer than 9 weeks due to illness and blisters.....but her I am somewhere I never thought I would or could be...running for 30+minutes......and enjoying it.

Not sure what is next on the running agenda for me, but for now will keep chasing the 5k in 30 minutes...may even brave the local parkrun...even if I am the slowest one out there.

Not much of a blogger, more of a lurker but can not say enough about all the supportive folks on this site. I am 100% sure I would never have got through this without you.

Off to get the green badge


Sheffkezz xxx

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May not have been your ideal run but you did it. Well done!


Congratulations on the run and a very worthy graduation finale! Yes, get that badge, flaunt it a while and stay inspired to go onwards and upwards to new goals. Lots of luck for your, now established, running career :) ;) :D Linda x


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