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A badge and a medal...what an exciting weekend!

Hi all! I graduated from c25k last week and did my first race on Sunday, race for life in wimborne. Felt really nervous the night before, but there was no need as the atmosphere was amazing and the run was amazing and I did it in 35mins! Very proud of myself! Now the question is.....what next? Do I work on my time and try and get faster or do I train for 10k? Would love some advice please!

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Firstly congratulations on a double whammy.

You could do both, distance and speed, you could do one tempo run a week to see the improvement, one intervals to build speed and a long easy pace run to slowly build distance. But first I recommend a couple of weeks (at least) of just enjoying some runs.

And did I say congratulations :-)


Well done you, its 2 weeks till I do Race for Life, it will second time around for me. This year in Glasgow, last year in Hyde Park London.

My team is the Tickledpink Trotters and I am the only one jogging and the oldest!

Glad you enjoyed it and congratulations on a great time.


Congratulations you should feel really proud of yourself, I'm 6weeks behind you in graduating (hopefully) and doing race for life, I'd be over the moon with somewhere near your time,, well done Ally x


Thanks so much everyone and good luck with race for life ladies!


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