I'm back at last!!

After 3 weeks of little toe injury and no running I am back on track, my last run was W6R2 which didnt go well so today i though I'll just put my own music on and see how i get on.....only went and did 2 x 15mins.....woohoo!!!! Not technically a C25K run but i am so so pleased that i've not gone back to square 1 as I feared I might have done after a very sedentary 3 weeks! So on Friday I'll jump straight back on to W6R3, thank crunchie for that! Race for life is on the 12th May so I am sure I'll be able to do it now, yippeeee!!

2 Replies

  • Welcome Back :D Hopefully you'll avoid injury this time, good luck!

  • Good luck for w6r3 - hope it goes really well for you and your little toe too! :)

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