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I do all my walking around the house so I don’t have to go out because I have lost so much weight and I i get embarrassed as I am only 46 kilos heavy trying to change my attitude to my whole way of life dietitian says that I have to get on my daily excersise and stop worrying about what other people might be thinking and start a lot more plus all off those foods that can cause weight gain I know I should not be moaning and think nabout all of the people who struggle with severe weight problems which with no doubt causes their copd to be even more of a problem duff

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Good morning don't bother about your weight I have been skinny all my life walking is a thing I do a lot did my last full marathon last May now I just average around 8 miles a day I can't put on weight had emphysema since 93 not too bad with it I play the harmonica several times a day really great for the breathing please go out for a walk no one will really pay much attention.


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