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azithromycin long term use anyone on this for copd

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Hi my mum has copd and 3a nsclc she has a few flare ups a few times per yr & is flawed for a few month with it.

Mam was diagnosed with lung cancer 3a in jan and responded brilliant to treatment and has recently gone into remission. The last 2 weeks my mam developed a cough and an chest infection ....basically its a flare up ...not cancer related but a COPD bout.

Does anyone know if my mam would benefit from azithromycin daily ?

Ive aslo read about spirovital therapy & stem cell therapy .... not sure if my mum woukd benefit from them. Were willing to pay if any of the above are worth while.

Kind regards

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Prior to transplant, I took azithromycin on MWF for about two years. It helped to stabilize my condition for about 18 months. Post transplant I was placed on it daily for about eight months and then the dosage was reduced to MWF. NAC - N-acetyl cysteine is a supplement that my pulmonologist also used to help stabilize my condition. These definitely helped to extend the life of my old lungs. (At the present time, stem cell treatment for lung conditions is a hoax. Save your money until research has it perfected and insurance will cover it.)

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Thanks for your reply

I wonder if my mum would benefit from N-acetyl cysteine as i see its just a supplement that you can buy from the health shops ect ut comes in 600mg and i see that some studies have shown it may help with flare ups in COPD patients what dose was recommended to you ?

Kind regards


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It definitely helped me. It thins and clears the mucus, and it stopped my cough (except when I would get pneumonia or a severe exacerbation). My pulmonologist had me on 1000mg per day ( Please realize that it will take several weeks of taking it consistently before you see results (don’t give up and stop too soon). Also you must take it daily. Skipped doses will make it less effective. Prayers for your mother (and you) and may you have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday,

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